Monday 31 January 2022

6 Good Ways To Make Sure That There Are No Pests On Your Property

Pests are a huge problem for both landowners and homeowners alike. They eat into your crops, damage your home, bring disease, and wreak havoc. No matter where you live in the world, you’re bound to experience your fair share of pests. Pest problems tend to start small and can easily snowball into bigger issues if left unsupervised. 

The best way to avoid having a full-blown infestation is to practice proper pest prevention early on. There are plenty of ways to do this and keep your home or property free and safe from pests. If you, or someone you know, has a pest problem and are looking for solutions, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 6 solid ways to keep your property safe and keep the pests off it. Follow these tips and turn your pest problem into a pest problem solved!

1. Find and cut off the source

When it’s too late for prevention, and you already have a pest problem on your property, your first move is to find the source. You need to find either the food source, breeding ground, or resting place of the pests and cut them off from it. Have a good look around your home and yard and look for any signs of unwanted visitors. 

To find what you’re looking for, you first need to know what to be on the lookout for. Different pests come from different places and have specific tell-tale signs to look out for. You can find most insects like flies or cockroaches where there is food or decay, whereas you can find mosquitoes where it’s cold and damp. Once you’ve found the source of your pest problem, call a professional to investigate and handle the problem. 

2. Use pesticides

The best solution to a pest problem always comes in the form of prevention! Using pesticides on your property is a great way to keep anything from silverfish to rats at bay.  A healthy dose of pesticides on your land or in your home might be just what the doctor ordered to keep the pests off your property. Going the chemical route is usually the hardest-hitting and strongest tactic, but it’s not always the best. 

Although chemical pesticides are effective against pests, they can be bad for your health and the environment. Using natural insect pest repellent is a healthier and eco-friendlier alternative. For those looking to be more healthy and eco-conscious while dealing with a pest problem, going the natural route might be better. Whatever pesticides you choose to go with, don’t forget to do the proper research or consult a professional first!

3. Keep your home clean 

Another great way to make sure your home stays pest-free is to keep it as clean as possible. Many pests like to hang out in damp, dusty, and dirty places. Having a clean home both discourages pests and helps you spot and stop them easier. To prevent infestation, make sure to always throw away your garbage, remove dust, cobwebs, and crumbs, and always wipe away spills. Keeping your home clean also helps you keep a better eye on potential pest outbreaks, as you can see what’s going on more clearly. 

4. Tend to your greenery

Well-attended greenery not only makes your home look better and more appealing but can also keep the pests away. Many pests can use unkempt greenery as a shelter, which, if left alone, can grow into full-blown pest problems. If you’re looking to keep your home pest-free, keeping your grass, shrubs, and houseplants under wraps is essential. 

Keep your lawn short and tidy to keep the insects and rodents out, and be on the lookout for molehills. Tend to your hedges often and keep them tidy. Don’t forget to turn your attention to greenery inside the house when dealing with pest control. Keep an eye on your houseplants for signs of disease or decay. Don’t overwater and be sure to get rid of any plants that are dead or unwell to stop the spread of pests or disease.

5. Check your water sources

Water sources can often be the root cause of some of your pest problems. Many pests, like mosquitoes, like to hang around wet or damp areas to lay eggs and breed. These wet areas can turn into pest breeding grounds fast, if not attended to. To keep your pond or pool from turning into a pest hotspot, make sure to check them thoroughly. Keep any standing water containers sealed tight when not in use, or keep them upside down. This stops pests from getting in and causing problems in the first place.

6. Do regular inspections

Keeping your home pest-free is all about putting the work in and doing your regular inspections. Be diligent when inspecting your home and leave no stone unturned. Do your research, know the signs, and be on the lookout for any critters and crawlers! Aside from inspecting your greenery and water sources, make sure to check other areas of your property to be sure you don’t miss anything. 

Check your home from top to bottom and do it often so that you can notice any changes sooner and more efficiently. Regular check-ups make sure that your home stays free of all pests from ants to snakes. The trick to keeping your home pest-free is consistency!

pest control

So there you have it! With these 6 tips under your belt, you’re ready to tackle and prevent any potential pest problems like a pro! Making your property pest-free starts with identifying the source of the problem and eliminating it. If you already have a pest problem, find the source and contact a professional to deal with the situation. Using pesticides is always a good preventative measure, just make sure you know what you’re doing! To keep the pests out, make sure to keep your home clean and sanitized. 

When it comes to keeping your property pest-free, don’t forget to turn your attention to your greenery. Keep your grass, hedges, and houseplants in order, to avoid having pests. Check your water sources for signs of pests and remember to always do regular inspections. Having a home free from pests starts with doing the work and being diligent. Prevention is the best form of defense against pests, so make sure to start on time!

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